English – こだわり・特色

Extensive Dog Run. We let dogs play at the dog run at least twice a day so they can enjoy the sunbathing.

We accept all size dogs including Extra Large breeds such as Great Danes!

Located 5 min from Narita Airport. Not just airport pick-ups and drop-offs, we offer pick-ups/drop-offs at your home.

We offer comfort and safety by residing 24 hours.

You can always ask only for bathing, trimming or training your dogs.

We will help you with anything dog related such as training, importing/ exporting dogs, quarantine rules etc.

We are bilinguals in Japanese and English so you can always rely on us to take care of your dogs while you’re gone.

We limit 5 dogs a day so all the dogs can get enough attention and care. (*Applies only for short-stay boardings. *Does not apply during the on season)

We provide sanitary care by ion generators, air ionizers, and sanitizer.

We have off-grid power system in case of disaster.